Administration Services

CTAC offers complete administration services regardless of the assets utilized in funding the gift, including: family limited partnerships, annuities, real estate, tangible personal property and closely-held stock.  We also have unitization and sub-accounting capabilities.  Our ongoing services include:

– Four Tier Accounting– Reporting
– Compliance guidance– Tax form preparation
– Customized management services– Account Unitization

Concierge Level Services

Clients expect quality, experience, knowledge and the ability to keep their programs compliant.  Most importantly is reduction of operational errors and by entrusting infrastructure management to a seasoned staff administrator you’ll receive business gain of not only a highly valuable administrative infrastructure, but consistent access to the highest levels of expertise.  Access to this as well as industry’s best practices and our proprietary software program will result in improved performance that gives your organization an edge. 

Customized Solutions

CTAC designs workable solutions for clients who require specialized planning or own challenging assets.  CTAC can also become completely transparent as the administrator of planned giving programs.  We have the capability to format materials, such as reports and distributions, to appear completely in-sync with your current materials.   


CTAC maintains an extensive charitable tax planning library and philanthropic research network.  On a daily basis CTAC receives and analyzes all federal and state taxation news and important court cases and information provided by the Council on Foundations (COF).  Our legal counsel has experience working directly with the IRS National Office on letter ruling projects concerning charitable tax matters.  Additionally, our expert staff attends continuing education programs including the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning. 

Institutional Services

Of special interest to banks, charitable organizations, law offices, accounting firms, financial corporations and insurance companies who prefer to outsource their administration, CTAC can build third-party administration services and customize reports to fit the look and feel of your organization, essentially becoming transparent in the entire process.