Endowment Fund Overview

An endowment fund creates revenue to be used for a specific purpose.  The principal amount of the fund is not disbursed but invested in to create a steady return that is used to support both the personal and institutional means of the fund. 

CTAC Program Initiation

  • Review entity provisions and enter pertinent data into administration system
  • Analyze gifts for suitability as an asset for the fund and advise the trustee regarding related issues or concerns
  • Ascertain the cost basis and holding period for all fund assets from information provided by the trustee
  • Collect legal, financial and tax documents and records used to establish the entity and its relationship with the trustee, trust administrator and investment manager(s)

Client Communication

  • Fund valuation report
  • Report on annual distributions
  • Detailed sub-account report for each fund
  • Prepare and file IRS form 8282 and 1099 when applicable
  • Summary accounting of fund activity, including: receipts (by tax character of income), disbursements attributable to the fund amounts, expenses, capital losses, and the unrealized appreciation in the market value of assets

Operational Services

  • Monitor distributions based on fund performance, asset valuations and Federal & State requirements
  • Obtain and record financial transactions received from investment manager(s)
  • Review all investment and operational transactions for accuracy and Federal & State regulatory compliance
  • Determine tax character of each financial transaction
  • Request and coordinate the receipt of the distribution amount to be paid to all beneficiaries by the investment manager(s)