Philanthropy is Where He Lives

Bruce L. Blumer of the Dakotas United Methodist Foundation shared this story with us:

A donor invited me to visit with him to discuss his estate, so we set up a time to meet at his farm.

I drove up to the nice two-story home and knocked on the door. A lady answered, and when I asked for the donor, she said he lived next door – in a trailer.

A dilapidated trailer house, to be more specific. The screen in the door was torn out so his dogs could run in and out. “Simple” hardly describes the interior.

In the course of my visit, the donor told me the two-story farmhouse was occupied by his hired man and his family.

Why does the donor live in the trailer?

He explained, “This is all I need.”

A man of considerable wealth, living simply so he can give.

Quite a lesson.

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By: Viken Mikaelian, Co-founder of and, published previously at Planned