Donor Advised Fund Overview

A donor advised fund (DAF) allows an individual, family, or corporation to make a gift of assets to a charity where they can recommend grant distributions for qualified charities will be allocated to without incurring the paperwork, taxes and administrative expense of operating a private foundation.  The assets donated have the potential to benefit multiple charities and causes. 

CTAC Set-up & Implementation Services

  • Review fund provisions and enter pertinent data into administration system
  • Analyze gifts for suitability as an asset for the fund
  • Advise the organization regarding related issues or concerns
  • Monitor DAF compliance with the organization’s DAF policy
  • Collect legal, financial and tax documents and records used to establish the entity and its relationship with the charity administrator and investment manager(s)

Administration & Operation Services

  • Monitor distributions based on fund performance, asset valuations, and Federal & State requirements
  • Obtain and record financial transactions received from investment managers
  • Review all investment and operational transactions for accuracy and Federal & State regulatory compliance
  • Request and coordinate the receipt of the distribution amount to be paid to all grant recipients by the investment managers
  • Secure all accounting records pertaining to the fund

Reporting & Client Communication Services

  • A detailed sub-account report for each fund
  • Report on annual distributions
  • Fund valuation report
  • Periodic report of charitable grants and charitable contributions
  • Prepare and file IRS forms 8283, 8282, and 1099 when applicable
  • A summary accounting of fund activity, including: income, expenses, capital gain and losses, and the unrealized appreciation in the market value of assets

Efficient & Effective Support

CTAC provides assistance with program set-up and design.  We work with the organization to identify the needs of them and their donors.  Our services are customized to blend in with their environment.  Reports, checks, forms and letters are designed to keep the look and feel of the organization.  Since CTAC does not manage money, an organization can select the asset manager of their choice.  Our experienced team can offer assistance to establish the roles of each player involved with the program from inception to ongoing events. 

Online Access

CTAC provides efficiencies which creates time to focus on donors.  Online access provides critical building blocks for collaboration, partnership and communication.