Spring 2014

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If you will be at the American Council on Gift Annuity Conference in Baltimore, Advisors in Philanthropy Conference in Chicago, or the Northern Ohio Planned Giving Council's Planned Giving Day Conference in Cleveland, make sure to stop by the CTAC booth and say hello!

Advisor Corner

New Marketing Ideas for Advisors Searching for Prospective Clients Through Charitable Organizations

Like many of us, I have tried to network to prospective clients (in my case, future major/mega donors) through nonprofit leaders and pastors. Even the most cooperative and supportive leaders could not successfully introduce me to the best prospects. Admittedly, whatever these nonprofit leaders were sharing with their donors about my initial meeting and the deliverables I would be offering, the leader shared it in a second-hand way with much lost in the translation. The donors predictably responded, “I’ll pass.” 

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Donor Corner

Mission Impossible: How to Give Something Away That Seems Impossible to Give Away

Often people own things that seem impossible for them to contemplate giving away for a constellation of reasons--even to immediate family members--let alone to their highly valued charitable organizations.

What things? Deeds to farms, ranches, vineyards, mineral rights, oil and gas interests, royalty contracts, patents, copyrights, promissory notes, lease agreements, artwork, collections, etc.

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Fundraiser Corner

Engaging Donor Communications 

Truly engaging donors with your donor-centered communications is one of the vital tasks in fundraising. Here are a few helpful tips to take into consideration for the future.

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Upcoming Conferences

IRS Discount Rate

American Council on Gift Annuties, April 9-11, Baltimore April: 2.2%
Advisors in Philanthropy, April 23-25, Chicago March: 2.2%
Planned Giving Day, May 1, Cleveland February: 2.4%


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