March 2013

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FREE Non-profit Webinars Being Offered in April!

Ranging from grantwriting, leadership, and social media to volunteer management and the art of storytelling are among the various topics compiled in this list of free non-profit webinars being offered in the month of April.

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Advisor Corner

The Impact on the Charitable Deduction of the ATRA 2012 Phaseout of Itemized Deductions

How likely is it that you will have clients who have to reduce 2013 charitable deductions because of the phaseout of itemized deductions? ZERO. Zilch.

Those clients that are affected will be easy to spot. Besides looking for someone wearing a necklace made of hen’s teeth, look also for the following...

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Donor Corner

Charitable Gift Annuity: Is it right for me?

A planned gift that is gaining in popularity is the Charitable Gift Annuity. Why? Well, because it is a gift that is simple to make (in comparison to a Charitable Remainder Trust where legal and administrative services are needed) and it is a gift that provides the annuitant(s) (either an individual or couple) lifetime income while benefiting the donors favorite charity.

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Fundraiser Corner

Postal Mail or Email

If my postal mailbox in front of my house resembled my inbox in Microsoft Office, it would be the size of a house trailer. And don't even ask about the number of items in my trash folder.

I hear it all the time from non-profits: electronic mail delivery is it... it is cheaper and faster and the wave of the future. Flood prospects with enough messaging and they will get your point, right? Wrong.

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Upcoming Conferences

IRS Discount Rate

Association of Fundraising Professionals, April 7-9, San Diego April: 1.4%
Advisors in Philanthropy, April 24-26, Las Vegas March: 1.4%
Northern Ohio Planned Giving Council, May 2, Cleveland February: 1.2%


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