March 2012


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March 2012



As you may notice below in our "Where's CTAC?" section, we will be very busy attending and also speaking at several upcoming national and local conferences.  If you will also be there, please feel free to stop by and chat with us for a minute, we'd love to see you.  

In addition, if you have any advice or a story that you feel would be of interest to our readers who consist of advisors, fundraisers, and donors, please feel free to contact Kristen Schmidt at  We'd be more than happy to feature your thoughts in a future eNewsletter.  

Advisor Corner

Gone Without Trace: Man Bequeaths $2 Million to Uncle Sam

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, because I learned recently that a man in Florida willed his house to the U.S. government so the sales proceeds could be applied to defray the National Debt

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Fundraiser Corner

Prevent Fundraiser Blackouts by Saving Donor Energy

The more you stress your prospects, the more demands you make upon them, the more likely they are to bail on you.  Here are some tips on how to keep 'em sweet.

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Donor Corner

Philanthropy is Where He Lives

A short story about a man of considerable wealth, living simply so he can give.

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Where's CTAC?

IRS Discount Rates

Christian Leadership Alliance, Orlando, April 10-12 March: 1.4%
American Council on Gift Annuities, San Francisco, April 18-20 February: 1.4%
Dan Rice speaking at Advisors in Philanthropy, Chicago, April 19-20 January: 1.4%
Planned Giving Day, Cleveland, May 3  

*The opinions expressed by CTAC are not intended as legal advice.  Please find consultation for advice specific to your situation.  CTAC is happy to answer any questions you may have.