Does CTAC Prepare Tax Returns?

CTAC prepares, signs and files most Tax Returns and Attorney General filings that are required for Charitable Trusts, Foundations, and Gift Annuities administered by CTAC.  Because CTAC is not qualified to prepare and file certain returns, CTAC does not prepare certain returns (i.e., IRS Form 1023, all individual Federal and State Income Tax Returns, all individual Federal and State Gift and/or Estate Tax Returns, and IRS Form 8283).

CTAC will advise you on what forms CTAC will prepare, sign and file and what forms you and your advisor must prepare and file for your situation.  For example, IRS may require that tax returns be filed in a certain way for the first year that a charitable trust is in existence.  Additionally, CTAC will provide income tax charitable deduction reports and explanations to include with your tax returns. 

For more information, please email or call CTAC at (800) 562-2045.

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